Fees & Charges

Ancillary Fees

State Searches
Certificate of Good Standing $150.00
Franchise Tax Search $150.00
UCC Search $50.00 per name
Full Municipal Searches:
Nassau/Suffolk (Residential) $200.00-$435.00
5 Boroughs/Northern Counties (Residential) $200.00-$435.00
Commercial $450.00+
Bankruptcy Search $15.00-$30.00 per name
Patriot Search $15.00-$30.00 per name
Certificate of Occupancy $50.00-$100.00 plus municipality fee
Other Charges
ACRIS/Westchester Prep. $200.00 Residential $300.00 Commercial
Attorney Search $350.00
Certified Copies Starts at $35.00
COOP Search (uninsured) $400.00
C&R Search $250.00
Deed Preparation $150.00
Escrow Service Fee $50.00
Express Delivery $50.00-$85.00
Foreclosure Search $395.00
Last Owner Search $50.00
Judgment/Lien Search $250.00
Single & Separate Search Depending on # of Lots searched
Transfer Tax Forms (Nassau/Suffolk) $100.00
*Disclaimer: All search fees are subject to New York State sales tax, where applicable.

Title Insurance premiums are regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and are based on a wide variety of factors, including property type, property location, transaction type and transaction amount. Please use one of our rate calculators to determine your title insurance premium or call us at 516.626.0900 to speak with an expert.

Recording Charges

Click on the links below to view recording charges:

Five Boroughs
Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester and Northern Counties

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